The First Sneaker Dry Cleaning

Cleaning all types of sneakers

Suede and nubuck color restoration

Leather restoration

Bleaching and repainting midsoles

Shoe care

Our technologists have created a line of professional shoe care products for domestic use based on the cleaning of more than 35,000 pairs of shoes.

At our pick-up point, you can purchase cleaning products for sneakers, protective impregnation, deodorant, accessories for cleaning, washing, and shoe storage .

Our staff will consult you and help you to find the right products for your shoes.

How expensive is the cleaning?

Sole Fresh has created a wide range of cleaning options from 5€ to 40€. Depending on your shoe brand and its material, our staff will accurately determine which cleaning option is required for your shoes.

How long does the cleaning take

Our standard cleaning takes about 7 days. It is due to the specific features of the technological process. Our process includes seven stages of cleaning, both manually and with the use of professional equipment developed over the years by our specialists. Some of these stages involve prolonged drying. If necessary, technologists will repeat some stages of the process up to five times until the desired result is obtained.

Do you also repair shoes?

No, we do not provide a reparation service. Our service includes leather, nubuck and suede restoration, toe tips glueing and cleaning of all types of sneakers

What does a cleanup include?

  1. Primary treatment with Sole Fresh cleaner
  2. Deep cleaning of the soleplate with special products
  3. Deep mechanical cleaning of the top and inside materials with special chemicals and equipment
  4. Shoelace and insole cleaning
  5. Disinfection
  6. Delicate drying
  7. Removal of “pellets” on the inside of the sneaker
  8. Material recovery, finishing
  9. Conditioning, staining