Sole Fresh Berlin

We restore the shape of sneakers using the special drying technique with the help of  Sole Fresh shoe trees used during the cleaning process.

The shoe trees help to maintain and restore the shape of sneakers during cleaning and prevent them from cracking. They also smooth the creases out and help to remove stubborn dirt. If you want to make the process of cleaning at home easier, we recommend to purchase them in our online store or at our pick-up point in Berlin.

• Primary care with Sole Fresh cleaner

• Deep sole cleaning with special products

• Deep machine cleaning of the top and inside materials with special chemicals and equipment

• Shoelace and insole cleaning

• Disinfection

• Delicate drying

• Fluffs removal inside of the sneaker

• Material recovery, finishing

  • Conditioning, painting

Deep clean option is used in case of heavy dirt and heavy worn condition. The shoe cleaning process includes an extended list of procedures and treatments: suede and nubuck color restoration, in-depth manual cleaning of leather and suede, coating with a special grease to give shine and more.

Our staff at the pickup point will consult you concerning the type of cleaning you need.

Our standard cleaning takes about 7-10 days due to the specific features of the technological process. Our process includes 7 stages of cleaning, both manually and with the use of professional equipment developed over the years by our specialists. Some of these stages involve prolonged drying. If necessary, technologists will repeat some stages of the process until the desired result is obtained, and we won’t charge you for this.

We can restore the leather or recolor the midsoles, glue toe-box and restore the color of suede, we don’t offer the full repair service.

Our dry cleaner specializes in cleaning all types of shoes. We have solid experience and professional equipment for cleaning sneakers, classic shoes, boots and other types of shoes.

Our dry cleaner uses an individual approach to cleaning various types of shoes. In this regard, we advise you to bring your shoes to our pickup point, and our experts will consult you concerning the types of cleaning needed for you shoes.

The classification of Sole Fresh services is divided according to the type materials . Each material has its own cleaning program, which allows to remove stains effectively and select individual cleaning solutions.

Our staff are always ready to help you with individual program for your sneakers.

The required type of cleaning is determined by the staff at the pickup point. For example, if the sneakers have elements made of suede, the Standard cleaning is necessary. if the sneakers are completely made of rubber and artificial materials, it comes to the category of Classic Cleaning.

Yes, we specialize in stubborn suede and leather stains. We also use the suede color restoration technique which is included in Standard Cleaning. You can find the results in Before/After tab.

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