Sole Fresh Sole Brush


Brush with stiff bristles for midsole cleaning. The bristles remove stubborn dirt, eliminate yellowness and restore the color of the sole. The handle of the brush is made of natural wood.

  • Suitable for all types of soles
  • Used in professional dry cleaners
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Moisten a suitable brush with water
Dip the brush in cold water and shake off eps water. Use the Classic brush for synthetic and leather, the Sole brush for the sole, the Premium brush for natural leather, suede and nubuck.
Apply 5-7 drops of the Сleaner to the brush
Our Cleaner foams well, too much product can lead to staining
Сreate foam over the entire surface of the sneaker in circular motions
About 5 minutes of cleaning should be enough for one pair. You may press strongly on the sole, it will allow you to clean the sneakers from dirt. Be careful with suede and nubuck – these materials need to be cleaned gently with a minimum amount of product and water.
Remove the foam with a microfiber towel
When removing the foam from the sole you may press on it strongly – it will help to remove deep dirtiness.
Leave your sneakers to dry at room temperature for 24h
Do not use batteries, hair dryers or any heating devices – thermal effects can damage the shoes.